week 5: adding images and attribution

Due Sunday, April 15

Well, here it is!  Have you experienced having to complete a project that required the use of an image or two that you didn’t make?  Do you recall hearing people talking about attributing credit to that image?  This week you will learn more about how to give credit to the creator of things you use from the Internet.  Start by reading through the official Week 5 Challenge post.

For credit in Tech 7, you should:

10 pts]  Write a post about your spring break.  (student activity 1)

10 pts]  Write two posts about using images that were created by someone else.  (student activity 4)

5 pts]  Be creative with images by choosing one of the following:

  • student activity 5
  • student activity 6
  • student activity 7
  • student activity 8

For bonus points, try these:

10 pts]  Write a post about Creative Commons.  (student activity 2)

10 pts]  Visit blogs to see how others are using images. (student activity 3)

5 pts]  Do another activity of your choice.  (student activities 5, 6, 7, 8 )

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