Week 10 Challenge (DUE June 5)

In this week’s challenge, you will get a chance to share what you think about the Edublogs Challenge with Ms. W.

1)  Share your opinion about the set-up of the challenge in a post.

2)  Nominate a student blog and a class blog, if you didn’t do it last week.  If you did, just mention your nominations again.

3) A show-off post, including:

  • an image that’s not yours
  • a link
  • a file
  • all correct spelling and grammar
  • at least 2 full paragraphs on a topic of your choice

This post is a test worth 20 points.  The teacher or other students are not allowed to help you on this one.  Any additional skills you share in this post will be worth additional points on this ‘test’.

4)  Do the Answer Garden activity in a post.

Congratulations, you have completed the 2011 Edublogs Challenge.  With you extra time, fix any ‘1’ rating on past posts, finish any missing work, do Challenge 4 for extra credit, and make sure you have done the Week 9 Audit.

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