C5: Week 5 Challenge

Remember, Week 4 Challenge is worth +10 BONUS points, and can be done at any time. Fill out a ‘Late Work’ Notification form to let me know when you want me to grade it.

In this week’s Challenge you will:

  • read blogs about using images online
  • use tags to find images and adding them to posts
  • Post C5a: Color a Post:  Write about your favorite color.
  • Create your own image
  • Post C5b: Post Your Image
  • Post C5c: Describe an image.  Title it “Image Zoom”
  • ‘Zoom Out’  of at least one other image.  Link the post you zoomed out on, on your wiki.
  • Post C5d: Visual Post:  Create a post of images only.
  • Post C5e:  Create an animated photo post.
  • Post C5f: Write a sentence using only images.

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