Always On?

Here we are at the end of the course!  Since September, you have created a blog, posted many different types of media, and interacted with kids from around the world, you have successfully joined and used a wiki, you have practiced A LOT of typing skills, and you are in the process of learning to navigate your way around a social learning platform, Edmodo.

We will wrap up your experiences by spending time investigating how we use media.

What are your personal media habits, and how much time do you spend with different forms of media?

In this final unit, you will:

  • assess how much time you spend with media activities
  • record and compare the time you spend with different forms of media (cell phones, internet, etc.) and in different activities (texting, posting, and watching or creating videos)
  • share your views on the role digital media plays in your life

To accomplish this investigation, you will:

  1. keep track of your media use in a log
  2. create a bar graph of your media use
  3. compare your use of media with your classmates’ and reflect on it in a post
  4. take a quiz about media use

To wrap up your typing practice, you will:

  1. complete the Easy Bottom Row Words lesson
  2. complete the Beginner Wrap Up lesson
  3. take the typing test at least once
  4. take the certification test and print out your certification documents


Challenge 5: Let’s Get Data

Due Sunday, December 22

Welcome back!  This week you will spend time organizing your posts and reflecting on why it is an important part of being a considerate blogger.

Refer to the official Week 5 Challenge post for more details.

For credit in Tech 7, you should:

10 pts]  Create at least 3 categories and put each of your existing posts into one of the categories.

10 pts]  Create at least one tag for each of your posts, and drag a Tag Cloud widget into your side bar.

10 pts]  Write a post about the importance of using tags and categories.  Answer each of the questions Ms. W has in her official Challenge 5 Post:

Why are categories and tags important when writing your posts?

Where else do you find tags used in technology?

  • Why should regular users of the internet be using tags and categories whenever they leave a footprint on the web?
  • Where are users asked to use tags?
  • What is geotagging?
  • Why did you decide on those categories for your blog?

5 pts]  Add something to your blog about mathematics.  Be sure to use one of Ms. W’s ‘Ideas for posts related to mathematics’.

Make sure you include ‘Challenge 5′ in your title and include a link to the Official Challenge 5 post in your post.

For bonus points,

5 pts]  Create something else on your blog about mathematics.   Be sure to use one of Ms. W’s ‘Ideas for posts related to mathematics’.

Challenge 4: Giving Credit to a Creator

Due Sunday, November 18

Welcome back!  Have you experienced having to complete a project that required the use of an image or two that you didn’t make?  Do you recall hearing people talking about attributing credit to that image?  This week you will learn more about how to give credit to the creator of things you use from the Internet.

Refer to the official Week 4 Challenge post for more details, but start by viewing these two videos on Fair Use.   Then, use the tutorial about Inserting Images Into Posts, to learn how to do such a thing.  Finally, making sure you are NOT SEARCHING FOR IMAGES ON GOOGLE, use images from these sites listed in Ms W’s post from April 2012 to complete this week’s challenge activities:

Below is a list of websites that have creative commons images. Remember attribution doesn’t include a URL beginning with   or some other search engine.

Attribution is the URL of the original image.

For credit in Tech 7, you should:

10 pts]  Be creative with images by choosing one of the following from Ms W’s April 2012 Challenge 5 post:

  • 5. Create a visual post using no more than eight images – where the images tell a story. Remember to give attribution for the images you used. No writing in this post other than the title and attribution.
  • 6. From Bill Ferreirae – I sometimes find a picture and tell students to use that picture to come up with a story. It can be about the picture, what happened before, what will happen next, etc. So, at the top of the student activities  is the image I have chosen for you to start with. Copy the image to your post, then write the story. Remember to give attribution. If you don’t have your own blog, tell your story in a comment here.
  • 7. From EileenG – Pick one, or more of your ethnic backgrounds and post about the culture. ANYTHING! Food, religions, sports, festivals, languages, etc.  Include a picture of the place in the country/region posted about.
  • 8.  Be creative with regard to images – create a collage on a topic or colour etc, use glogster or animoto or prezi. Just remember you must link back to the original image and give attribution for any images used.

Make sure you include ‘Challenge 4’ in your title and include a link to the Official Challenge 4 post in your post.

For bonus points, try these from Ms W’s April 2012 Challenge 5 post:

5 pts]  Write a post about Creative Commons.  (student activity 2)

2.  Do you think you should have a creative commons license for your blog? Why or why not? Is your audience mainly students in your class and/or the blogging challenge or have you had readers that are teachers and/or visitors you don’t know?

5 pts]  Visit blogs to see how others are using images. (student activity 3)

3.  Visit ten blogs from students in the challenge  of different ages. How many of these blogs had images with attribution? How many blogs did not have images at all? Which blogs did you prefer to read and why? Leave your answer here as a comment or leave a comment on each of the blogs you visited.

5 pts]  Do another activity of your choice.  (student activities 5, 6, 7, 8 )

Challenge 3: Our World

DUE Sunday, October 28

Let’s be welcoming!

In this set of Challenges, you will accomodate for all the different people around the world you are working with.

Take a closer look at this week’s challenge activities.  Start by reading through the official Challenge 3 post.


For credit in Tech 7, you should:

5 pts]  Add a visitor tracking widget.

5 pts]  Add a translation widget.

5 pts]  Add a widget of your choice.

10 pts]  Write a post about widgets on other blogs.

Visit at least 3 other blogs outside of our school and discuss the widgets you found there.  Answer the questions in the official Challenge 3 post.  Your post must include hyperlinks to the 3 blogs you visited. 

Remember to put ‘Challenge 3′ in the title of your post.


Bonus Activities:

10 pts]  Write a post using Ideas for posts in geography, languages of the world and history on the official Challenge 3 postRemember to put ‘Challenge 3′ in the title of your post.


From now on, in your posts, create a link to the Student Blogging Challenge post – this week Challenge 3 – by typing the words ‘Challenge 3’ and linking those words to the Challenge 3 post.  This sends a ‘pingback’ to Ms. W so she can easily see the work of participants in the Student Blogging Challenge.

-Ms. Anderson :)

Challenge 2: Freedom of Choice

DUE Sunday, October 14

Welcome Back!

This week you’ll be making several choices in your blogging adventure.  You’ll choose blogs that you would like to continue to follow.  You’ll choose the avatar you would like for other bloggers to identify you with.  You’ll choose the personal passion of yours that you’ll share with the rest of the challengers.

Take a closer look at this week’s challenge activities.  Start by reading through the official Challenge 2 post.


For credit in Tech 7, you should:

10 pts]  Create a Blogroll 


  1.  at least 10 classmates,
  2. some overseas friends you have visited, 
  3. Student Challenge Blog,
  4. The Edublogger,
  5. Help from Edublogs,
  6. our class blog,
  7.  and websites you often visit.

10 pts] Create a Blog Avatar

Your avatar must be one you created, and not a picture you stole from a Google search or one you brought from home.


10 pts]  Write a post about your passion using one of the Challenge’s Ideas for posts.  You must include a hyperlink to in your post.


Remember to put ‘Challenge 2′ in the title of your post.


Bonus Activities:

5 pts]  Comment on 5 other blogs  Be sure your comment follows the guidelines of a ‘good comment’ that was demonstrated in class last week.  Share your list of comments in a post and remember to put ‘Challenge 2′ in the title of your post.


From now on, in your posts, create a link to the Student Blogging Challenge post – this week Challenge 2 – by typing the words ‘Challenge 2’ and linking those words to the Challenge 2 post.  This sends a ‘pingback’ to Ms. W so she can easily see the work of participants in the Student Blogging Challenge. 

I’m looking forward to learning about what you consider to be interesting!

-Ms. Anderson :)

Challenge 1: Well-Being and Introductions

DUE Sunday, September 30


Welcome to your first week of blogging!  I am looking forward to seeing your creativity in action and help you along your journey.  Not only will you learn how to create and manage a blog, but also how to make your blog into one others will want to come back to or even subscribe to.  The best part is, you’ll learn about many Internet resources that will make you come alive!

Here’s a few helpful hints to ensure you do well in this class:

  • Read the activity information throroughly.
    •  Ms. W will offer you lots of advice and guidance.  She will give you links to resources, helpful videos, and specific criteria for the activity.  Use all this advice.
    • I, Ms. Anderson, will demonstrate how to complete each activity on the first day of the week.  I may go quickly so you can have time to work on your own.
  • Ask for help.
    • Get that red flag up to summon Ms. Anderson to your computer.  Ask a neighbor for help.  Ask a family member for help.  Come on in after school for help.  You are never alone.  Take advantage of all the people ready to help you.
  • Be patient.
    • Technology can be moody sometimes.  What you tried yesterday, may not go as smoothly today.  There is nothing you can do about some problems we may have.  A school network takes a lot of time and knowledge to maintain, and sometimes things are not set up for what we might want to do.  An extention can be granted at times; just make sure Ms. Anderson knows of your woes.
  • Always be on approved sites.
    • If you have to watch a YouTube tutorial video, then it’s OK to be on YouTube.  It is NOT OK, however, to be on YouTube to just stream music.  If you are instructed to use Google to find an image, be sure you attribute credit to it’s owner when you use it.  Otherwise, stay away from Google.  One goal in this class is to expand your resource toolbox.  Save Google for when you are in a non-tech class and in a hurry.
  • Keep up with the work.
    • Check the chart in the tech lab to see if you each assignment is check off for you.  If you are absent or the computer is working against you, work on what you fell behind on at home.
  • Be creative and get to know some of the other Challenge participants.  Who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend in another country that you’ll stay in contact with long after the course is done.

Well, it’s time to get going on this Challenge, don’t cha know.  Start by reading through the official Challenge 1 post.


For credit in Tech 7, you should:

10 pts]  Create or update a page about yourself or your class

10 pts]   Leave a comment on the blog of up to 5 students who have the same mentor as you.

Remember to put ‘Challenge 1′ in the title of your post.


10 pts] Bonus Activity:

5 pts]   Write a post using one of the Challenge’s Ideas for posts


 I hope you have a good time with your first week of the Student Blogging Challenge!

-Ms. Anderson :)